The Best Piano Courses for Beginners to Advanced Levels

Our piano courses has been designed to cater to students of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Our flexible piano classes allow you to learn offline,online or hybrid model making it convenient for your schedule.
below are details to explore the our comprehensive curriculum and unique features of our best piano courses that ensure a rewarding learning experience.

Strong Foundation for Beginners: Our piano course focuses on building a strong foundation for beginners. We start by introducing essential concepts such as Steady Beat, Rhythm, Tempo, Pitch, Volume, and Note Values. Through a carefully crafted curriculum, students develop listening, reading, and playing skills, gaining a deep understanding of the instrument. With the help of Staff Notation, students learn how to play and perform simple melodies, songs, and classical pieces.

Emphasis on Music Basics:
Our course emphasizes the use of basic music elements, including melody and rhythm, to enhance students' understanding and proficiency. We teach students to focus on note stability and perfect timing using a Metronome. This approach ensures that students develop a solid grasp of musical fundamentals and improve their overall playing abilities with fun learning approach.

Standard Affiliations|Performace skill deveopment:
We cover the Trinity College of London syllabus, providing students with comprehensive reference materials for their learning journey. Alongside the syllabus, we incorporate a variety of Jingle Songs,Bollywood, Classical western tunes to expose students to different musical styles and broaden their musical horizons for performances skill development.

Intermediate to Advanced Level Progression:
For students at the intermediate to advanced level, our course focuses on further honing skills and expanding musical abilities. Students enhance their sight-reading skills and master three Trinity Pieces and three Exercises. Additionally, technical skills such as Scales and Broken Chords are taught to develop dexterity and agility on the piano. To foster creativity, students also learn the art of composing a tune on the Grand Staff.

Below are the topics which will be covered during 12-18 months of course, along with grade 3 level trinity certification :-

  • Theory-Steady Beats, Tempo, Pitch, Volume, Alphabets & Keyboard, Omnidextrous Finger Exercises, Note Values, Staff, Treble Clef, Bass Clef, Middle C
  • Practical-Learning Steady Beat Song, Percussion Instruments on beat, Counting & Playing Note Values (Rhythms)
  • Listening & Understanding different Tempos and Meter of 4
  • Finger Exercises, C Hand Position (CDEFG), Play A Hand Position (ABCDE), Play F Hand Position ( FGABC), G Hand Position ( GABCD)
  • Crotchet, Minim.Semibreve, Reading Staff
  • Reading notes on Treble Clef and notes on Bass Clef
  • Reading Grand Staff, C Major Scale
  • Reading Sheet Music (Basic)-Grand Staff, Rests, Time Signature: 4/4
  • Reading Sheet Music (Basic)-Grand Staff, Rests, Time Signature: 4/4
  • Melodic Intervals, Harmonic Intervals,2nds & 3rds,4ths & 5ths,Time Signature: 3/4,Ties
    C Major Chord Major & G7 Chord (RH), C Major & G7 Chord
  • (LH),F Major Major & D7 Chords (RH),G Major & D7 Chords (LH),6ths,7ths & Octaves
  • Naturals and Accidentals (#,b),C Major Chord Family Major & C7 Chords (RH),F Major & C7 Chords (LH),Quavers
  • Playing Sheet Music (Basic)-Clapping with Rhythm of the Song (Note Values, Rests & Ties)
  • Recognizing one note on each clef and Reading in step and skips
  • Recognizing Chords design and Scale in the song and play 2 bars at a time, 4 bars at a time, Play 8 bars at a time, Play with the dynamics
  • Recognising Accidentals (#,b),Intervals (2nds & 3rds),(4ths & 5ths),Intervals (6ths),Intervals (7ths & Octaves)

Whether you are a beginner or seeking to advance your piano skills, our piano course offer a comprehensive and flexible learning experience. With a curriculum designed to lay a strong foundation, emphasize musical basics, and progress to intermediate and advanced levels, with performance skill development our courses cater to students at every stage of their musical journey. Join our piano classes today and unlock your potential as a skilled pianist

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