Guitar course has designed for students who are taking their steps to learn the guitar as a musical instrument from beginner to advance level.

Our course will introduce the student to the basics of playing music on the guitar, including techniques as well as the concepts necessary to understand and play songs.

Our structured curriculum is designed to teach essential musical concepts for syllabus of the internationally recognized Trinity College London. In that, we start with complete basics and further expands on reading Guitar Tablature and Staff Notation, music theory, application arpeggios over chords etc. Students will also learn melodies using techniques where they can understand our course in guitar classes online.

  • Guitar Basics, finger Technique, Terminology
  • Rhythm & Notation
  • Learn to Play a Song
  • Musical Improvisation & Ear Training
  • Power Chords and Applying Power Chords to Song
  • Basic 6-String Chords
  • Introduction to the A minor scale, Chord Theory, Harmony
  • Concepts to harmonize melodies
  • Playing advanced melodies
  • Application of Arpeggios over chords
  • Theory & Practical: ( Pieces & Aural Skills) for Trinity Grades
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