FAQ - Guitar

To master anything, be it a musical instrument or a language or any other thing for that matter, you need hardcore practice. And there is no fixed answer to how long it takes to master the guitar. If you’re dedicated enough and give it long hours of practice, then you can master it quicker than someone who is lethargic about learning the instrument. So keep working hard, everything depends on your time and effort…keep that going in abundance.

We generally use youtube as a platform to get our hands on learning something but what we fail to understand is that youtube doesn’t provide structured learning. So learning guitar on youtube might not make you well versed with its basics and might make you miss on the proper learning procedure. So, it’s advised that you enrol yourselves for a proper structured course with an established music academy and make the most of their online courses. Always remember to be sure of the prospectus of the Institute so that you know you’re in the right hands.

Well, the guitar is not an easy go through in the beginning but with practice, it gets easier. Solely rely on your dedication to master the instrument and then there is nothing difficult in the world. If there is the zeal to learn, then everything is possible and the same formula works in the case of the guitar. Initial months might be tough but with constant and consistent practice, you are sure to get going. Don’t give up in the beginning months and always remember that you need patience and persistence to excel in anything. Guitar needs patience and effort, stick to those and see yourself do wonders.

outube channels offer guitar lessons in Hindi but they are not structured. They might just let you decipher if you’re genuinely interested to learn the guitar and nothing more. However, established music schools offer guitar lessons in Hindi or in the regional language. So plunge into these courses and dive. We are in a world of diverse provisions, we just need to put in our heart and soul into mastering the instrument. So, enrol with music schools that have teachers who are well versed in Hindi and this is it, get going.

Guitar is just difficult in the initial months. If you’re successfully persisting through these months, then the guitar is the easiest instrument ever. Ofcourse, your practice speaks for how easy you make it for yourselves. So, don’t think about how easy or difficult it is, just keep working hard and keep practicing. Consistent practice will in no time make Guitar easy for you. So keep your practice going and see yourself loving your time playing the guitar.

Tabs are just a good way to learn to play certain songs but if you want to see yourself become a proper guitarist, then it is advised to properly educate yourselves about the chords and other guitar technicalities. Tabs cannot teach you to play guitar lessons, they are just frets played in a song. So if you want to advance as a guitarist, then it is advised that you don’t engage yourselves in learning the tabs, but start from the foundation.

Nowadays, most of us prefer learning every day through youtube channels but they don’t fetch you for long. Unstructured learning can distort your fundamentals which in turn will not let you be a versatile guitarist. So, it is always advised to enrol with established music schools and either attend their physical classes or their online courses. Don’t consider Youtube as the end of the world. This is a one-time investment but gives a life-changing return.

Yes, you can help yourself by learning guitar. However, online resources don’t fetch you rightly and end up making your base weak. So, it is advised to learn guitar from a trained professional who understands your way of learning and delivers accordingly. Don’t solely rely on online resources and be wise enough to invest in learning in the correct manner.

It is believed that bass is easier to learn for beginners than the guitar. However, nothing in the world is easy without practice and dedication. Same answer is applicable to this question. If you’re dedicated and highly enthusiastic about learning the bass, then there is nothing that will block your pathway to mastering it. Your attitude towards learning the instrument is the answer to this question.

FAQ - Piano

A piano has 88 keys including the black and white keys.

The piano is an acoustic, stringed musical instrument that has the widest range of tones of all instruments. The piano can play accompaniment and melody at the same time.

re is no fixed answer to this. It’s not always about how quickly you learn something, but it’s about how efficiently and accurately you learn it. You cannot master anything without patience. And the answer to this also is your grasping power. Some grasp quickly and some take time. But we at SMA, focus more on the efficiency of the learning than the speed because laying a strong foundation is the key.

A piano costs a minimum of 2.5 lakh INR but a keyboard has a wide range of prices beginning from meagre thousands.

The plural of the piano is “pianos” or “piani”.

Yes, a piano is an acoustic string instrument.

Piano produces an acoustic feel in the music and consists of hard keys. On the contrary, the keyboard produces western feel in the music and consists of soft keys.

There are seven octaves on a piano.

C, D, E,F, G, A, and B are the white keys on the piano. The black keys are C#, D#, F#, G#, and A#. # denotes sharps.

Yes, the major difference between cheap and expensive pianos is the sound quality produced. A cheap piano is more likely to produce a clicking sound whereas an expensive piano doesn’t. An expensive piano has exceptional reverberation whereas a cheap piano has poor reverberation.

Yes, you can learn piano without reading music. The method of doing so is called ‘playing by ear’ wherein you play whatever you hear or can imagine without bothering about the notes. This is tougher than learning it systematically and learning it in the right way will widen your scope in the field and help you excel in a much better way.

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