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We have best courses designed by expert faculties from complete scratch for performance and certification both. Both online and offline mode.


We cater as per students level and requirements . we have online and offline courses for intermediate level to advance level with ample amount of practical exposure. 


Our Offline and Online courses are inline with top university guidelines we can take you  to complete professional level with the help of highly experienced faculties. 
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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Our Piano course has been designed for students who are taking their steps to learn the piano as a musical instrument from beginner to advance level.

The course will lay the foundation for acquiring clarity of concepts of Steady Beat, Rhythm, Tempo, Pitch, Volume and Note Values, building the foundation student develops listening, reading & playing skills and having an understanding of the instrument, learning how to play and perform simple melodies, songs and classical pieces with the help of reading Staff Notation for both hands.

The course will make the ability to use basic elements of music (melody and rhythm) to teach how to focus on the stability of the note and match time perfectly with the Metronome.

The Trinity College of London syllabus will be covered with the reference reading material and listening material. The variety of Jingle Songs and Bollywood songs are included as an external range for the student to gain exposure to music.

In intermediate to advance level the course teaches the builds one’s sight reading skills and three Trinity Pieces are learnt and three Exercises are leant in the course along with Technical Skills (Scales & Broken Chords). The students will learn composing a tune on Grand Staff


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Guitar course has designed for students who are taking their steps to learn the guitar as a musical instrument from beginner to advance level.

Our course will introduce the student to the basics of playing music on the guitar, including techniques as well as the concepts necessary to understand and play songs.

Our structured curriculum is designed to teach essential musical concepts for syllabus of the internationally recognized Trinity College London. In that we start with complete basics and further expands on reading Guitar Tablature and Staff Notation, music theory, application arpeggios over chords etc. Students will also learn melodies using techniques.

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Hindustani CLASSICAL

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Our course has been designed with reference to recognised university syllabus and stage performance skill development. it will start with foundation for acquiring clarity of voice and teach how to focus on the stability of the note and match pitch perfectly with the Tanpura. The student will learn many Brandish. different songs and Bandish/compositions are given to initiate students into listening to classical music with many Ragas.

After basics student will enter the Intermediate level of learning with the initiation into singing the Bada Khayal Bandish. The Vilambit Laya forms the framework of the Bada Khayal. Practice of holding this slow Laya is given importance here in order to lay a strong foundation during this level.

The development of each Raga will be explained and practiced  is detailed and the student is encouraged to sing extempore Swar Vistar and Aalap. Swar Sadhana is done with Aakar, Uukar and Mmkar during advance level. Theory – Raga characteristics studied along with the emotions by a Raga.. Structure of a Vilambit Khayal and a Dhrupad. Theory- Principles of Laya and Taal, Concepts of improvisation in Tabla, Taal concepts in Carnatic Music, Kanada Ke Prakar will be covered to build advance concepts.


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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