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Sangeet Music Academy is a renowned music school in Hyderabad, India. It is considered a pioneer in the field of music education and provides comprehensive training to music enthusiasts and aspiring musicians. The academy also offers a platform for its students to showcase their talent through various performances.


“Sangeet Academy is a temple of music, with a wealth of resources and opportunities available to its students. The academy boasts an experienced team of professionals and top-notch infrastructure, making it an ideal place for aspiring musicians to develop their skills and pursue their passion.”

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Sangeet Music Academy, located in Hitech city Hyderabad holds a wide range of options catering to your child’s needs. From coaching guitar and equivalent western instruments to offering a wide range of options in the classical end, Sangeet Music Academy holds a name in the best music schools of Hyderabad due to diversity in their provisions and their distinguished team of professionals who reciprocate to you in the best possible way

  • Certified Teachers
  • structured curriculum

Why Sangeet Music Academy



• Experienced more than 10 yrs.
• Focused on Academic and Performance skills both
• Student Centric teaching Methodologies
• Step by Step Approach through structured curriculum


• 4K HD video quality
• Multi Angle Camera for close view for instruments
• External Sound card and Microphone for high quality output
• Real time learning experience with Activities.


• Affiliated to Trinity College London for western Music and Instruments Certifications.
• Affiliated to Telugu University Hyderabad for Carnatic Music and Instruments Certifications.
• Affiliated to Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidlaya Mandal for Hindustani Music and Instruments Certifications.
• Registered with MCA Govt of India and Government of Telangana.


• Best in class Environment with sound proof Ambience and elegant class room décor.
• Equipped with Wi-Fi, CCTV and Parking in purview of the learners safety & Facilities.
• Equipped space for recording studio,
• An elaborate music infrastructure like – Piano. Drums, Guitars, Keyboard etc.


Most common question about our Music Classes

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What music classes does Sangeet Music Academy offer in Hyderabad?

Sangeet Music Academy offers a variety of music classes in Hyderabad, including Guitar, Drums, Piano, Tabla, Singing/Vocals for both Hindustani and Carnatic styles, and Keyboard. The academy caters to all ages and levels, with both online and offline class options available.

How long does it take to learn guitar?

To master anything, be it a musical instrument or a language or any other thing for that matter, you need hardcore practice. And there is no fixed answer to how long it takes to master the guitar. If you’re dedicated enough and give it long hours of practice, then you can master it quicker than someone who is lethargic about learning the instrument. So keep working hard, everything depends on your time and effort…keep that going in abundance.

Why should I choose Sangeet Music Academy for music classes in Hyderabad?

Sangeet Music Academy is known as one of the best music schools for piano, guitar, and singing lessons in Hyderabad. They offer certified teachers, high-quality 4K HD online classes, standard affiliations for certifications, and excellent in-house provisions like soundproof classrooms, recording studios, and a comprehensive music infrastructure.

How many keys does a piano have?

A piano has 88 keys including the black and white keys.

Does Sangeet Music Academy provide any certifications for their music classes in Hyderabad?

Sangeet Music Academy is affiliated with several prestigious institutions to provide certifications for their music classes. These include Trinity College London for Western Music and Instruments, Telugu University Hyderabad for Carnatic Music and Instruments, and Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidlaya Mandal for Hindustani Music and Instruments.

What is the difference between keyboard and piano?

Piano produces an acoustic feel in the music and consists of hard keys. On the contrary, the keyboard produces western feel in the music and consists of soft keys.


Sangeet Music Academy
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Kalyani GunturiKalyani Gunturi
03:23 27 Jun 22
Very fortunate to be associated with Sangeet Music Academy! My son got an opportunity to perform first time on the stage and the event was indeed very well arranged. We could see all the students and the teachers performing live. A Big thank You to the Academy for giving this opportunity and very big thank you to Srinivas Sir for patiently training my kid to be able to sing and perform 🙂
Ramya SriRamya Sri
03:14 27 Jun 22
I have started learning carnatic vocal music since one month. All the teachers are very professional. The good part is that the teachers wont move to the next lessons untill the student is very confident abt the current lesson being taught. They also organise events which helps students to participate amd showcase their skills .Happy to be a part of this academy.
nikhil bhardwajnikhil bhardwaj
03:11 27 Jun 22
Great place for music lovers. You can opt from multiple courses ranging from instrumentals to hindustani and carnatic vocals. My personal experience of learning hindustani classical from Ankita mam has been great. She is a very nice teacher. I recommend the academy for learning any kind of music.
Swathi RajuSwathi Raju
07:24 26 Feb 22
My children have been learning in Sangeet Music Academy for the past 3-4 months and the experience has been wonderful. The classes don't have more than 2-3 students making the session more interactive and personal. The teaching is very progressive and the instrument learning has been effortless. Mr. Joseph has been teaching me keyboard and it has indeed made a lot of difference in my daughter's speed and efficiency to play the instrument.
laxmi mlaxmi m
13:54 08 Feb 22
My daughter(Hridayatha) has been taking keyboard classes since 2 months from Joseph sir, she is enjoying playing music, it's been good experience till now.I am very happy with the way classes are being conducted. Sir is very nice,he teaches and clears all their doubts with lot of patience. I will definitely recommend Sangeeth academy for music classes.



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