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Sangeet Music Academy a pioneer among the music schools in Hyderabad India, offers comprehensive training and a performing platform for the music aspirants and lovers

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“Sangeet Academy is a music temple for the provisions it has are in abundance Sangeet Music academy is a plethora of opportunities. From having an experienced team of professionals to having the best in-house infrastructure”

Music Lessons
For All Level & all age groups



We have special courses designed by expert faculties from complete scratch for performance and certification both. No prerequisites required. 



We cater as per student level and requirements . we have courses for intermediate level to advance level with ample amount of practice exposure. 



Our courses are inline with top university guidelines we can take you  to complete professional level with the help of highly experienced faculties. 

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As the name of our academy “Sangeet” suggests, we worship music. Located in the heart of Hyderabad, we offer guitar, piano, hindustani classical singing, keyboard, carnatic music classes. Our academy is “One place, your place” for all your music needs.
Relaxed & Friendly

Music Academy For All Ages & Level

Sangeet Music Academy, located in Hitech city Hyderabad holds a wide range of options catering to your child’s needs. From coaching guitar and equivalent western instruments to offering a wide range of options in the classical end, Sangeet Music Academy holds a name in the best music schools of Hyderabad due to diversity in their provisions and their distinguished team of professionals who reciprocate to you in the best possible way

Relaxed & Friendly

Our Programs Are Tailored To Suit You

Piano Classes

The piano is an acoustic, stringed musical instrument . It has a total of 88 black and white keys. What’s exciting about this instrument is that it has the widest range of tones of all instruments. The piano can play accompaniment and melody at the same time. This instrument is definitely the most royal instrument so…’Indulge in this flamboyance and fall in love with it’s extravagance”

Guitar Classes

The guitar is a fretted musical instrument that usually has six strings. There are many different types of guitars on the basis of their making. A guitar that has a hollow body is an acoustic guitar. Guitars that use electricity and amplifiers to control loudness are electric guitars. On the contrary, Bass guitars are designed to make a low bass rhythm. Mastering this instrument makes you a rockstar so….’Play that guitar tight and excite your audience right’

Keyboard Classes

Keyboard is an instrument whose sound is produced by means of keys that are arranged in a particular order. It differs from the piano by outproducing western feel in the music and by consisting of soft keys. On the contrary, Piano outproduces acoustic feel in the music and consists of hard keys. Apart from resembling chess, it also leads to brain development like playing the chess does, so ‘One instrument and dual returns, make your choice smart and right’

Drums Classes

Drums are the world’s oldest musical instrument and belong to the group of percussion instruments. Drums are considered as the backbone of the rhythm section of a band. Drumming can help you lose more calories in half an hour than any other physical activity including weight lifting does. Such are it’s benefits so ‘Music plus fitness, drum kills every possible sickness’.

Tabla Classes

The tabla is a pair of twin drums and has been the principal percussion instrument in Hindustani classical music. The smaller drum is used for creating treble and tonal sounds. While, the larger drum is primarily used for producing bass. It is home to North India and stands tall for their rich music culture. ‘Be it during worship or rejuvenation, Tabla has dual applications’

Singing Vocals Classes

Hindustani vocal music is the classical music of Northern India. It is also called as Shastriya Sangeet . Its performance is set to a melodic pattern called raga which guides its working. On the contrary, Carnatic music is home to South India and it’s also called as ‘Sangeetam’. Its basic elements are Sruti (musical pitch), Swara ( musical sound of a single note), raga ( the melodic formulae) and tala (the rhythmic cycle). ‘ Good vocals in a music do what marketing the music can’t, such is the power of good vocals ‘.

Ten reasons to choose Sangeet music academy for your music classes

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One of the best music school for Piano,Guitar and singing lessons

 An epitome of a music school. An epitome in every sense, from comfort of spaces to quality of teaching, they tick your boxes in the most perfect ways.

We made your music learning at your home through best online music lessons, just one call away

Distinguished Faculty

1. Experienced more than 10 yrs. 2.Focused on Academic and Performance skills both 3. Student Centric teaching Methodologies 4. Step by Step Approach through structured curriculum

Standard Affiliations

1. Affiliated to Trinity College London for western Music and Instruments Certifications. 2. Affiliated to Telugu University Hyderabad for Carnatic Music and Instruments Certifications. 3 Affiliated to Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidlaya Mandal for Hindustani Music and Instruments Certifications. 4. Registered with MCA Govt of India and Government of Telangana.

Best Online Classes

1. 4K HD video quality 2.Multi Angle Camera for close view for instruments 3. External Sound card and Microphone for high quality output 4.Real time learning experience with Activities.

Best In-house Provisions

1. Best in class Environment with sound proof Ambience and elegant class room décor. 2. Equipped with Wi-Fi, CCTV and Parking in purview of the learners safety & Facilities. 3. Equipped space for recording studio, 4. An elaborate music infrastructure like – Piano. Drums, Guitars, Keyboard etc.

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