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Sangeet Music Academy is one of the best music academy in Hyderabad. Team Sangeet believes that every child should have the independence to decide what he/she wishes to learn. Carrying the thought forward, Sangeet academy is a music temple for the provisions it has been in abundance. you can kickstart your hobby and passion in music along with our distinguished, highly experienced, and certified faculties. We offer guitar classes, piano classes, keyboard classes, tabla classes, drums classes and Carnatic & hindustani classical singing classes against a music fee that is very pocket friendly in both online & offline mode.

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Sangeet Music Academy, located in Heart of Hyderabad holds a wide range of options catering to need of all age groups with ranges of options in the western and classical end, Sangeet Music Academy holds a name in the best music schools of Hyderabad due to  diversity in their provisions and their distinguished team of professionals who reciprocate to you in the best possible way. The provisions the academy delivers are listed here:

Piano classes

Playing the piano has known to have boosted concentration and coordination levels in abundance for it requires both your hands to execute totally different movements in one go. This in-turn improves your mathematical and reading skills since you stock up on your focus. Last but not the least, "when playing a piano, music comes alive and emotions rise". So make your choice right and indulge in this beautiful instrument

Guitar Classes

We see playing the guitar as a way to strengthen your sense of well being and boost your creativity and confidence. It is an excellent method of creating space between an individual and their busy mind. Apart from the mental health benefits it offers, it also helps to develop a greater sense of personal achievement. The good news is that our academy also offers classical guitar lessons which builds in diversity in just one instrument and helps you cover different aspects of a sole instrument. This instrument should definitely top your list for the baggage of benefits it offers.

Keyboard classes

Being slightly different from the piano by being an electronic instrument , playing the keyboard has similar benefits like that of the piano. Playing the keyboard keeps you away from stress and anxiety and accelerates your performance academically. Indulge in the game of keys and enjoy the benefits that come along with these

Vocals Singing classes

We offer hindustani & Carnatic singing classes. It is known that singers have a great posture and have an excellent lung capacity for singing involves a lot of aerobic exercise which in-turn improves the quality of your sleep. Singing also surprises you with a long life; yes, studies show a long life expectancy. The benefits it offers speak for themselves as to why should you take up singing.

Drums & Tabla classes

On playing the drums and tabla, the brain is known to release feel-good endorphins that helps keep you sane and also accelerates physical healing and boosts the immune system. In the world of stress and depression, drumming is an excellent source of fighting anxiety, depression and other behavioral issues. Don't miss the opportunity to stay happy and fit by learning the drum!

10 reasons to join sangeet music academy

Sangeet Music academy is a plethora of opportunities. From having an experienced team of professionals to having the best in-house infrastructure, an epitome of a music school. An epitome in every sense, from comfort of spaces to quality of teaching, we tick your boxes in the most perfect ways.
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Why Enroll with Sangeet Music Academy?

Distinguished Faculty

Our students are our pride and we as an academy requite to them in the best ways. Having a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals, we take immense pride in tutoring young minds as per their convenience, i.e., through group classes or private classes. Your comfort is our priority.

we have set of  highly experienced faculties more than 11 yrs and certified by worlds best music university like Trinity collage London , ABRSM etc.

Best Online Mode

we have the provision of online  sessions.  Our infrastructure is of sheer quality which helps us deliver real time learning experience. So there is no compromising on the quality delivered to you. Having the best set in the industry with multi angle cameras that give out 4k video quality and sound cards that give better experience of microphones by giving an excellent sound output , the online sessions are on par with the real time ones. Enjoy this provision with the comfort of your home without any compromise.

Standard affiliations

We provide complete guidance to our students to clear their Trinity grades in piano, Western and Classical Guitar, keyboard, drums, keyboard etc and help boost their curriculum vitae to another level by helping them in achieving a certification by the prestigious Trinity College, London. We take immense pride to be affiliated to Akhil Bharati Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya (ABGMV) for Hindustani classical singing. We, also are affiliated to Telugu University for Carnatic vocals and other traditional  instruments.

One-to-one provision

Every learner has his own pace of having a grip on things. Adhering to this principle, we provide one-to-one music coaching wherein the student can learn according to his suited pace and learning style. The good thing about this setup is that timings are flexible and can be allotted as per your convenience.


Practical approach:

We abide by the fact that “The goal of all learning is taking action”. Leading the mantra forward, we give young minds the platform to experience insightful real life simulation and performance training sessions that help them relate to real life stage performances and certification exams effortlessly. we take the privilege to tutor both Indian and Western music under one roof in a complete academic format.

In-house provisions

We provide the best in- class environment with a sound proof ambiance at an approachable location with the provision of an elaborate music infrastructure and an elegant class room decor. The entire studio is fully air- conditioned and we provide access to wifi without a charge against it. We solely believe in the learner’s comfort for a good learning experience and deliver we possess an elaborate music infrastructure to ensure you can avail an instrument during the learning sessions in the premises itself

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