Carnatic music course has been designed from basics to advance levels with reference to the recognized university syllabus & understanding of the art and science of performance.  The student will start from the basic Swara exercises of the Carnatic classical music system and attempts to enable to relate with songs. 

Beginner level of the course introduces the students to the concept of Swara patterns (saralivarisais) in the Ragam Mayamalavagowla along with its scale (arohana and avarohana).Aakara practice and creative Swara exercises will also be explored.

Beginner to Intermediate levels teaches the student short nottu swarms (small songs) which are compositions of Sri Muthu Swamy Dikshitar along with basic Paired notes (Janta Swaras) giving the student an understanding of different patterns, the notes and singing style. The student will learn 8 patterns of Janta Varisais in the Raga Mayamalavagowla and will practice it at all three speeds. The concept of a Melakartha Raga and Janya Raga and understanding its difference will be introduced with  geetham. The student will learn Pillari geethams in the Janya Raga Malahari.

Intermediate to Advance levels gives Exposure to Various Kritis,Varnams, Thillanas in a wide variety of Rāgas and Thālams along with Manodharma Sangeetham(Alaapana, Niraval and Kalpana Swaram)

Carnatic Classical/technical Topics: Basics to advance levels of Training

  • Sarali varisāi
  • Janta varisāi
  • Echusthāyi varisāi
  • Thaggusthayi varisāi
  • Thātu varisāi
  • Alankarams
  • Geethams
  • Swarajathi
  • Kritis by a wide variety of composers
  • Thukkadas & Thillanas
  • Aadhi and Ata Taala Varnams
  • Manodharma Sangeetham(Alaapana,Niraval and Kalpana Swaram)
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