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A piano has 88 keys including the black and white keys.

The piano is an acoustic, stringed musical instrument that has the widest range of tones of all instruments. The piano can play accompaniment and melody at the same time.

re is no fixed answer to this. It’s not always about how quickly you learn something, but it’s about how efficiently and accurately you learn it. You cannot master anything without patience. And the answer to this also is your grasping power. Some grasp quickly and some take time. But we at SMA, focus more on the efficiency of the learning than the speed because laying a strong foundation is the key.

A piano costs a minimum of 2.5 lakh INR but a keyboard has a wide range of prices beginning from meagre thousands.

The plural of the piano is “pianos” or “piani”.

Yes, a piano is an acoustic string instrument.

Piano produces an acoustic feel in the music and consists of hard keys. On the contrary, the keyboard produces western feel in the music and consists of soft keys.

There are seven octaves on a piano.

C, D, E,F, G, A, and B are the white keys on the piano. The black keys are C#, D#, F#, G#, and A#. # denotes sharps.

Yes, the major difference between cheap and expensive pianos is the sound quality produced. A cheap piano is more likely to produce a clicking sound whereas an expensive piano doesn’t. An expensive piano has exceptional reverberation whereas a cheap piano has poor reverberation.

Yes, you can learn piano without reading music. The method of doing so is called ‘playing by ear’ wherein you play whatever you hear or can imagine without bothering about the notes. This is tougher than learning it systematically and learning it in the right way will widen your scope in the field and help you excel in a much better way.

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